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The rite has existed for as long as anyone can remember: when the prince-who-will-be-king comes of age, he must venture out into the graylands, slay a fierce dragon, and rescue a damsel to be his bride. This is the way that things have always been. When Ama wakes in the arms of Prince Emory, however, she knows none of this. Ama has no memory of what came before the dragon, or what horrors she faced at the hands of the dragon. She only knows that this handsome prince, the story of her rescue, and her destiny to sit on the throne beside him. However, as soon as her first night falls, she begins to realize that all is not what it seems, that there is more to the legends of the dragons and damsels than anyone knows.

Damsel was a beautifully written modern take on the classic fairytale genre, remaking classical fairytales with a new perspective. While yes, Damsel could still be considered a fairytale with how the story was written, Arnold changed the normal prince-saving-the-damsel-in-distress-and-they-lived-happily-ever-after into a much darker, modern take. Damsel is a dark book, and some scenes could use trigger warnings, especially on the topics of sexual, emotional, and physical abuse, talk of past rape (as well as threats of rape), self-harm, as well as a few other difficult topics. Other than the triggers I mentioned, and the occasional dark topic being brought up, I personally enjoyed reading Damsel.

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Author Elana K. Arnold
Star Count 3.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 320 pages
Publisher Balzer + Bray
Publish Date 2018-Oct-02
ISBN 9780062742322
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Issue February 2019
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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