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Dispersion is heavily filled with scientific data references. Alice is a young woman hoping to save everyone from the dispersion (a disease). Alice lives in a world where individuals come from factions associated with different scientific properties. The dispersion is infecting the population of each faction and has created a sense of blame and hostility between them. In her attempt, Alice encounters tragedy and makes drastic decisions for the sake of the greater good. For individuals who like to consider alternative scientific theories for various life forms and/or theoretical life, this book would likely be in their wheelhouse. However, I personally was left feeling bogged down by the “theory” presented in the story. Furthermore, my personal preference is to read a story start-to-finish and have closure once finished. Dispersion was not able to offer that to me personally. Individuals who love all things in the hard science fiction genre, this book might be for you. Individuals who love well-known science fiction may have a difficult time settling in to this book. I would recommend this book for those who like to explore alternative ways of thinking.

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Author Greg Egan
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 160 pages
Publisher Subterranean Press
Publish Date 8/31/2020
ISBN 9781596069893
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Issue September 2020
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy


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