Family Tree Factbook: Key genealogy tips and stats for the busy researcher 

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If your interests lie in genealogy and wanting to discover your family’s roots, Family Tree Factbook: Key Genealogy Tips and Stats for the Busy Researcher is the best place to start. Family Tree Factbookwill be your first and last stop for finding resources, websites, and anything else you can think of to help you dig deeper into your historical hobby. This book breaks the research process down into sections starting with the basics such as checklists, records, and myths to avoid. From there, you’ll learn more about the United States throughout the years, tips for using libraries and archives, information about what’s in a name, and top genealogy websites with search terms that will prove more helpful than others. Photography, geography, and cemeteries are also helpful areas where more information is available.

Many people, myself included, like knowing where they come from, geographically and in lineage. For a basic researcher, it can be intimidating to know where to start or how to acquire any information at all. The suggestions given in this book are very helpful and productive in the ultimate goal of discovering more about yourself through your family. With many vintage things coming back into style, at least in fashion, it makes sense why people would want to know more about the “vintage” people in their family that can help shape the person they are or want to become.

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Author Diane Haddad • Family Tree Magazine Editors
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 224 pages
Publisher Family Tree Books
Publish Date 2018-10-23
ISBN 9781440354656 Buy this Book
Issue Mar-19
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