Fütchi Perf

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If viewed as a series of stand-alone vignettes, this mostly works, but even then it is not the easiest to follow what is going on. It is the future, or at least that’s heavily implied, in the city of Cleveland. The world has changed, and it now feels like cooperatives run the place and no longer big business. You attend parties, punk shows, and music to find your soul mate; and instead of crushing loneliness you can actually reach out and meet people. In a way, it’s a utopia for those who live on the margins of society, whether economic, sexual, or musical. Each little story feels to be a stand-alone in that you do not see the same characters across each one, though with his artistic style that can be difficult to judge, and that brings up another point. It is hard to follow what is going on with any clarity. And with the way he has people speak, it can be a challenge to follow what is going on in each chapter. I know the author wanted to present his utopian dream, even if it is not possible–it is just difficult to follow along.

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Author Kevin Czap
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 88 pages
Publisher Uncivilized Books
Publish Date 2017-Oct-31
ISBN 9781941250211
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Issue January 2018
Category Sequential Art


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