Hidden: Animals in the Anthropocene

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Photographs deliver a message louder than words can project. Seeing these images of animal suffering caused by human self-interest, greed, gluttony, and indifference, the viewer must ask why and how we have come to this degree of complacency regarding the barbaric animal cruelty practiced in our so-called modern world.

There are photos of animals crammed into feeding pens on family farms, within live transport, standing in slaughter yards, imprisoned within holding tanks, and restricted from natural light or land. The animals are being prepped to appear on the dining table. Check out the photos of horses and other beasts of burden in their miserable stations, or look at how primates, elephants, dolphins, and other creatures are primped and forcibly trained to elicit laughs from the viewer.

Scientific research requires uncountable numbers of rodents, rabbits, and primates. This age of human dominance also has cultural traditions that demand sacrifices of goats and snakes, whale hunts, and other rites. Animals are sentient creatures yet man has abused that quality of compassion and mercy when dealing with those critters that share the planet with us. Blood, gore, and misery flow from these images, which record the wretched relationship between man and non-human life. This shocking and illustrative display is the educational evidence necessary to prompt an impassive public to demand corrective actions.

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Author Jo-Anne McArthur and Keith Wilson
Star Count /5
Format Hard
Page Count 304 pages
Publisher We Animals Media
Publish Date 07-Dec-2020
ISBN 9781590566381
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Issue January 2021
Category Architecture & Photography


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