The Corset & The Jellyfish: A Conundrum of Drabbles

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Enter the realm of oddities which are accompanied by strange drawings that take you into another reality. Each story featured is a drabble—short stories comprised of a hundred words—that is whimsical, eccentric, and at times downright strange. These stories introduce eerie creatures, strange encounters, and odd sightings which are woven together to pique the curiosity of the readers.

This book of drabbles introduces an intriguing assortment of strange characters and tales that leave much up to the imagination to fill in the blanks. After all, these are only a hundred words. Each story is a stand-alone tale that features different characters, with each detailing an odd circumstance such as a woman tattooed by a random jellyfish, walking backward around campus, and a bookworm literally consuming books. These oddities are the perfect treat as you can easily read a drabble a day.

With great visual writing, Bantock captures the essence of each scene and creates something new each time. Illustrations are spread throughout, which add to the playful and unusual atmosphere that has been established. The Corset and the Jellyfish is a delightful assortment of oddities that are humorous, dark, weird, quick, and stunningly written.

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Author Nick Bantock
Star Count 4.5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 216 pages
Publisher Tachyon Publications
Publish Date 07-Nov-2023
ISBN 9781616964078 Buy this Book
Issue November 2023
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy