The Early Stories of Truman Capote

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Some writers seem like they were born writers. This volume makes a strong case that Capote’s literary gifts were innate. The stories are simple and direct, but the style is unmistakably Capote. They were written when Capote was in his teens and early twenties and were discovered in the archives of the New York Public Library. Twenty-one other books were published by Capote both during his lifetime and posthumously. His unfinished novel Answered Prayers cost him what few friends he had left. Like all good writers, Capote was a keen observer. He was dismayed when he realized that his good friends did not realize that they were but fodder for his pen.

This small book is wonderful. The stories are short and crisp. His observations seem like they are from someone much older. The reader can sense the alienation that Capote deeply felt because of his unusual manner and voice. If you have been a fan of Capote at his best (In Cold Blood) or loved his insights into his characters, you will be astonished by this wonderful volume.

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Author Truman Capote
Star Count /5
Format Trade
Page Count 178 pages
Publisher Random House
Publish Date 2016-09-06
ISBN 9780812987690 Buy this Book
Issue November 2016
Category Poetry & Short Stories


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