To Die a Thousand Deaths

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To Die a Thousand Deaths by Hal Emerson is a brilliantly written novel that explores the world of quantum physics and genetics in a gripping thriller. Timothy Dark was the first human subject to enter the Helix, a machine he created that dissociated a human atom by atom and pieced them back together. Initially made as a means to heal major diseases and genetic defects, Dark returns from the machine completely cured from cancer, but at the cost of something he doesn’t want to reveal. Working under SAGE (Scientific Agency for Genetic Exploration), Dark is adamant to shut down the project and takes the Core running the project with him, leaving his workplace and team stunned and confused. A year later, the novel opens with Dark’s fiancé
leaving him and his ex-boss, Welding, calling him back. Left with nothing but memories of Jennifer, Dark returns to SAGE, amid chaos. He is briefed about his project, which continued in his absence. His team successfully managed to create another Helix machine, The Helix Two, which worked on the same principle as the original Helix, now termed Helix One. However, Helix Two has been stolen by a terrorist organization, adamant to create an army of super-humans for a better world. The supervisors and the team knows there is a mole at SAGE, but Dark has been called for a bigger mission. Dark agrees to go back into the Helix and teleport to Helix Two, destroy the machine, and return. Dark has no other option but to lead the mission as he, alone, knows the consequences of being dissociated and being pieced again, which is that he’s lost a major chunk of his memory. A Special Operations team joins him in his mission, as he’s unaware of the location or the dangers associated with teleporting to an unknown location. Dark and the Special Ops team go inside the Helix One, only to exit the Helix Two to roaring gunfire. After multiple encounters, Dark finally has an encounter with the head of Olivier Group, Charles Olivier. Olivier praises Dark for his creation of the Helix and makes him realize of all the endless possibilities for the benefit of humanity. Charles also explains that he designed his facility and stole the Helix Two on purpose, which was to lure Dark to work for him. Dark is now stuck with a question of conscience: work for Charles or destroy the Helix Two as promised to Director Welding? If they destroy the Helix, will they have enough time to get back to SAGE?|

This novel is rather slow in the start, but picks up pace gradually and becomes a fast-paced thriller in the end. Few authors have the ability to make a singular story arc interesting enough to keep the reader hooked till the end. Mr. Emerson has done this job really well, alongside his research on quantum teleportation while writing this novel. Highly recommended for science fiction readers and physics geeks.

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Author Hal Emerson
Star Count 4.5/5
Format eBook
Page Count 325 pages
Publish Date 2017-Feb-12
ISBN 9780623201705 Buy this Book
Issue June 2017
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy

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  1. John Howard

    Good book! Accurate review – solid scifi.

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