Extreme Survival: How People, Plants, and Animals Live in the World’s Toughest Places

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English writer Ben Lerwill and illustrator Daniel Long combine their talents to escort a pre-adolescent audience through some of the more challenging biotas found in and out of this world. Travel through the world from one pole to the other and experience the frigid atmosphere while checking out penguins in Antarctica or narwhals and polar bears in the northern Arctic.

In a bit warmer environ, visit the North American coniferous boreal forests and their animal life, be especially wary of the bears. Examine the oceans and its sea creatures, or visit a rainforest and discover blowpipes.

Shift from the humid climes and find oneself marooned on a desert island or in the Australian outback, and learn to survive in these barren areas, or escape to mountainous regions such as the Alps or the Himalayas and become acquainted with the denizens which make their homes in these settings.

Finally, think about the challenge of life in outer space and how it feels to live on the international space station.

Each of a dozen challenging settings are illustrated in glowing colors to further enhance the captivating facts and short intriguing details that depict these regions. It is a masterful composite of exciting text embellished with captivatingly exciting artwork.

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Author Ben Lerwill, Daniel Long
Star Count 5/5
Format Hard
Page Count 64 pages
Publisher Nosy Crow
Publish Date 02-Apr-2024
ISBN 9798887770482
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Issue April 2024
Category Science Fiction & Fantasy